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Jennifer Mears, FNP

I am one of the Nurse Practitioners at ANC. I do hospital consults and care coordination/planning for kidney patients, clinic consults, and general office visits. I also do dialysis rounds and co-morbidity care for end-stage kidney disease patients and their families.

At ANC, we are a family of providers who care for each other as much as we do for our patients. The positive work-life balance encouraged by our physician board members ensures that our providers and employees are supported.

Outside of work, I like to garden, fish, participate in all-season BWCA canoeing, camping adventures, birding, and cross country skiing. I also enjoy animal tracking in the snow, cooking, biking, and Zen tangling.

I have three beautiful girls; identical twins and another, younger daughter with special needs. I also have a rescue beagle and a yellow Labrador retriever. I love giving special voices to my dogs and animals in the wild. I think I missed my calling as a cartoon voice actor! 

In addition to English, I speak a little French and I know some sign language.

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