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For Care Providers

We provide consultations on all types of acute and chronic kidney disease in a timely and caring manner. We provide one-time consults to address specific questions or concerns as well as ongoing management of all aspects of kidney disease and its complications.​ We take pride in providing personal service to patients and timely summaries and recommendations to referring physicians.


We can see urgent consults typically within a week. We also have a comprehensive CKD Pathways clinic for our patients with late stage kidney disease to address all the needs of patients approaching dialysis or planning on transplantation.  We see patients daily in our clinic in Maplewood and also have clinics in Apple Valley, MN  and Frederic and Webster, Wisconsin.  We appreciate the opportunity to see your patients and appreciate your confidence in us.

What to send:

  • Recent office notes, problem lists

  • Complete medication lists

  • Several years worth of Creatinine's

  • Urinalysis if available and pertinent (for an initial CKD evaluation)

  • Any previous renal imaging

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